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Last but surely not least is my final Artfest recap... Michael deMeng's..."Zoo-illogical" workshop. Let me preface this post by announcing I know this style of art is not for everyone but it's good to keep an open mind *wink* wink* The supply list read: Gaudy old frames (probably nothing larger than 8”x10”, but really that is up to you) IMPORTANT: Needs to have some sort of backing! It can’t just be a hollow frame we need it to have a backing to build our relief on. Animal toys, doll parts, toy figurines, various body parts from models. The figures on trophies...

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and it begins!...the countdown till Artfest. About this time it's all my brain can think about. Really it must be very annoying for the hub, but I gotta say he's being a trooper. Frantically making  my artfest trades the studio looks like it was hit by a tornado of mass destruction.  Shreds of plastic, tiny bits of paper and thread are everywhere! (you know it's time to clean up when you find thread bunny trails in the upstairs bathroom!) this is just under my ironing board....hmmm what could I be making?! I'll spill the beans soon. Yarn Punk (aka Elizabeth)...

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