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another painting popped up... she's done on a DIY canvas. I'm pretty sure it was once a granola bar box as I seem to have a plethora of them around for packing Arlin's school lunches. You can see the "how to" for making your own canvas' tutorial here if you missed the fun. Does anyone else out there agree Instagram has sort of taken over blogging? I'm totally addicted to it at the moment. It's so easy to snap pictures throughout the day and add a short blurp/tweet about whatever the picture is...blogging on the other hand takes time! I...

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When the waves come you have to surf... It's just the ebb and flow of my creative path I suppose? I haven't set down the paint brushes in two weeks and I haven't sewn anything since the changing pad tutorial...but I'm not fussing I'm loving every minute of painting in my new space. (*Yes, there are big details to share with blog land, coming to you all very soon.) I posted this painting to my facebook... If you only knew what the canvas looked like when I started! It was one of Arlin's many masterful finger paintings :) I think...

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So as I mentioned in a previous post my Mom recently launched her own crafty business in the world of custom quilting. And of all the years I've witnessed my Mom dabble with various endeavors I've learned she truly believes in the whole "go big or go home" motto. :) I say this in the most gracious way... this lady is a champ when it comes to mastering new challenges. Say ello' to Mom's new professional "Gammill Optimum" long arm quilting machine... it even has a custom sparkly red paint job!!! O.k. that's cool right?! But wait...wait, it gets better... Holy...

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I've been trying to help my Mom accessorize her house. Lots of empty walls to fill. tackled this empty wall space above first. We bought these metal panels at a nearby Ross store, then I picked up a handful of acrylic paints at Walmart and did some abstract painting to pull the colors from her new sofa into the kitchenette area. It worked out well. next on the list was to add some life around this stone sculpture face. She was mounted on the plain tan painted wall with the frame resting around her. I mixed a few colors out...

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