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So as I mentioned in a previous post my Mom recently launched her own crafty business in the world of custom quilting. And of all the years I've witnessed my Mom dabble with various endeavors I've learned she truly believes in the whole "go big or go home" motto. :) I say this in the most gracious way... this lady is a champ when it comes to mastering new challenges. Say ello' to Mom's new professional "Gammill Optimum" long arm quilting machine... it even has a custom sparkly red paint job!!! O.k. that's cool right?! But wait...wait, it gets better... Holy...

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painted this little birdie for my Mom's Birthday... which was... September 17th. I've always teased being born on the 8th...that I WAS her birthday gift. Well, I was 33 years ago she get's art... Mom now has two birdies...this one was the first...maybe she'll get one more, but I promise it won't be as a present Mom- cause it's not a surprise'll get one just cause :) Love you and HappY BirThDaY!!! Have a blast in sure and take lots of pictures so I can vicariously live through you! xo

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Has a secret... I'll reveal tomorrow... And this little handmade birdie below is on the way to Arizona for my Mom... A little late for Mother's Day but I'm notoriously not on time, what's new? It's drawn in pen and painted with watercolor on a torn out page of an old book I picked up at a local Seattle thrift store...a diary of a world war II bomber. **Mom, you'll have to frame it in something that matches your new decor :)

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