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I've been lucky enough to get these handmade creations in the mail over the holidays from some old and new ART friends and I just have to share! Janne Robberstad: for inspiration you can always count on Janne's art blog here --she blogs about something, whether it be jewelry assemblage, costume making, painting, or journaling (just to name a few) and she blogs almost everyday! from Norway. a three dimensional house crafted out of book pages and colorfully hand painted Deidra Doan: a talented artist in several art magazines for creating lovely art dolls. I adore her oil paintings...Deidra's blog here a sweet hand...

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Literally. Chad had a Christmas get together for his work last night, so I indulged in some cuttin',craftin' and sewing. The bean bags are for Arlin Jack's Montessori classroom. The snowflakes are for the Christmas tree skirt I'm making/made/and now despise. Why are Christmas tree skirts so expensive?! I'll tell ya' why, because they take so much more darn fabric than you can imagine! I had a vision in my head and in my opinion...the outcome although it looks alright and might fancy someone else's taste it's totally not what I wanted or envisioned in my head, but because I surrendered...

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