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I can't stop. I can't stop dreaming about DIY projects, I can't stop rearranging... Life feels full right now. So happy to have a place I can finally call home on Seattle. Here's what I've been up to all last week... Before the hub's been trying to snap photos along the way to document the transformation (really this is his way of helping- as he sits on the other side of the living room watching Monday night football!- ha.- And an "After" picture below... Can you believe it? I'm pretty happy with the transformation. Since Thanksgiving the hub and I...

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Making a reasonable/achieveable yet challenging list of 33 things to do before I turn 34 was harder than I thought. At one point I couldn't think of anything, then within filling the last couple of bubbles a million things came to mind...but I guess that's how it always works, eh? Paint's pretty much done...but think I may add some birdies perched on the bubbles, we'll see. My list no specific order... attend Artfest 2011 (a second time) take Jackers to the Zoo make guerilla art ( i have it made...just need to go put it up!!) continue running barefoot get...

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A journal page coming to life... phase 1; laying down color (acrylic mixed with a medium to thin it) mod-podging Arlin Jack's mug shot in. phase 2; brainstorming all the characters I could turn Arlin into! As he's obsession for Dinosaurs seems to be growing (still) my pencil went to town creating this little monster. phase 3; what would my little blue dinosaur be saying...or rather be singing to me?! &  then I started humming this tune in my head ('cause it's often a melody on repeat round here!) [youtube rvNCmb9a6Qc] "d" is for Dinosaur! Can you sing it with...

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I've been trying to help my Mom accessorize her house. Lots of empty walls to fill. tackled this empty wall space above first. We bought these metal panels at a nearby Ross store, then I picked up a handful of acrylic paints at Walmart and did some abstract painting to pull the colors from her new sofa into the kitchenette area. It worked out well. next on the list was to add some life around this stone sculpture face. She was mounted on the plain tan painted wall with the frame resting around her. I mixed a few colors out...

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'nother girl genius idea of mine to disguise an ugly patched drywall job (one I didn't do :)) this black layer of primer paint is magnetic! now a perfect home for my glass magnets! I don't have all my magnets up yet...still trying to wrap up other ends of this painting adventure. Today Stella started summer camp, check out her custom beach towel I made her... cute eh? I feel like I'm about to fall over tired. The morning started early and was jump started by Chad mistaking Stella's camp sign-in time by and hour (argh) thanks Papa... off to...

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