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Like...way real. This is a picture of executing a design idea on a an ancient house..."You just shouldn't do it." I'd be lying to you if I said I haven't shed a tear or two over this madness I got myself into. Yesterday while Arlin was napping after school I was standing in my studio sketching some new applique designs and I know I really want my studio to be a bit darker....yeah I'm gonna paint it. And so I started taping the door jam on the back door and I missed lining it up perfectly and as...

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Thank you! Derby style. Yep, I've got the artist itch...I can't stop drawing and painting. I think it's been my therapy through the construction/remodel and being bound to the upstairs studio area.Whatever the reason be, I'm enjoying it. I painted this to say thank you to Amy Lou aka Siouxsicide Bomb, a derby buddy of mine, for watching Arlin Jack sometimes when I'm at practice. Siouxsi lives directly across from the rink, making it awesomely convenient. And she loves little man, taking dibs on watching him over others! Captain Jack does really well with her, so I feel super comfortable...

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