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My Mac finally bit the dust. A time where being "green" and using my computer it 'till the very end didn't work out in my benefit. I kinda suspected it was on it's last leg but refused to admit it... I'm guessing it was just overloaded with too many pictures and a hefty music library from the last 3 years. And it wasn't exactly the pretty white computer you might remember either. Let's just say it was well loved- lots of scratches, paint splatters, gummy residue from old stickers etc. etc. Aw, it was a sad day. I was right in...

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I started this project while I was in Arizona, late September...hey sometimes crafty things just take time. I used Thimbleberry quilting fabrics for the majority of the design and I pilfered through my Mom's stash :) My direction for this order was to "think old fashion"... she likes foral prints, bird prints and muted colors. In my head I wanted it to look boutique-ish (that should be a word!) to me the front bird print mosaic pockets were postcards. I added a lot of zig zag stitching throughout the apron- not only for necessary reinforcement on straps and pockets- but...

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It's been finished for a couple of weeks now, and I've been waiting anxiously to share it with Lindsay and well with all of you. This was a booger of a project and I'm not exactly sure I'll be signing up to do another one. It was way more time intensive than I ever expected. But nonetheless a perfect project for me to be able to take to Arizona and have the help of my Mom and all her space in her house to lay it out and design and re-design till I was content with my own pattern. I...

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I finished sewing this quilt top this afternoon during Arlin Jack's naptime. No pattern, I just started cutting, and I love it. It's bright and fun...and the owl's are a soft snuggly cotton flannel. and they have snowflakes around them too. The back of the quilt is going to be a baby an off white baby chenille I'm still deciding on the fabric for the binding... Any suggestions?? This blanket is being made for Isla Kai, a healthy baby girl born August 12th after her Mum labored for 43 hours!!!

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