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Made this girls t-shirt for a good friend Kathy's niece. Kathy's twin sisters, Jill and Lynn are running the 1/2 marathon in San Diego in a couple of weeks...It's Lynn's first go at a 1/2 marathon and Jill, a seasoned marathoner is running too- Kathy thought it'd be fun to make "team lynn" shirts... and her favorite color is green. For Jill's daughter... front of tee and a little love for the back side... It turned out cute. A little business in the in the back. Good Luck Lynn! I'll be rootin' for  yah from Seattle!

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HOoRaY!!! I was cleared by the foot doc. I'm all healed up. Now it's time to ease back into working out and....running. I went to the gym last night and lifted some weights then walked a mile on the treadmill, feeling a little honoree I then proceeded to run 3/4 a mile, I so wanted to keep running (oh-how I miss it)....I know, I know... hey, I ran really, really slow... I promise I'm gonna take it me I'm in NO hurry to break any more bones! Funny, sitting in the doctors office last week going over final x-rays...

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(Thank you to all of you who emailed me asking what I was stressed about) It's hard not to feel like the glass isn't half empty when two days before you're awaited half marathon (that you've been steadily training for) is....well... not gonna happen. Meet my 2 broken feet... Trying to have a sense of humor, I joked with the gals at the podiatrist office I'd be Frankensteins wife for Halloween...they sure seemed to get a good laugh out of it while brainstorming how many years it had been since someone had last walked out of their office with 2...

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I've become completely addicted to eating Vermicelli bun bowls "Bun Ga' Nuong" [Charbroiled Chicken] being my favorite on the menu at any Vietnamese restaurant we're dining's the perfect trifecta, lean protein, rice noodles...and a salad packed with lots of yummy veggies. I crave this dish almost every time I finish a good work out or a long run...and with the hub's addiction for pho' I find the bun bowl is a perfect summer companion....the bun bowl is served at room temp- no hot soup for me during the summer months. I asked one of our favorite places we frequent...

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& Running! Stella (my step daughter) is here from Denver...a much needed visit for all of us. We decided to take Arlin Jack to his first ever movie on the big screen. is this picture not the best?! I love it...Quiet as a church mouse, Jacker's sat glued to the edge of his seat (which was a good thing, cause when he leaned all the way back the seat folded up on him and his little short legs!) 3-D Toy Story 3...brilliant kids flick, really I'd totally see it again. However, I'll pass on the movie theatre "buttered popcorn", geez! I...

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