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It's coming along quite nicely. at least I think so... I'm getting comfortable, moving things around and organizing my "stuff" dude- we crafters are darn near hoarders or maybe it's just me?! I always see those all white studio spaces you know with everything perfectly tucked away in matching bins...And think, Wow how nice would that be!? to have one of "those" spaces.... then reality sets in that I'm a Mama of a 3 year old boy and yeah... all white, matching and tidy... they don't live here. my sewing table...a hammy down desk from the hub...tucked under my 8...

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newest addition to my studio. 8ft industrial workbench. I lo0000ve it. And I already have every inch of it occupied with something crafty. Been busy. Very busy. My walking cast (stinky boot) is gone-woo hoo! And to think I didn't even smash it into a thousand pieces like I thought I would. I'm starting to weight lift again and take some Pilates classes too while I await my custom orthotics arrival...then I'm clear to RUN again! YES!!!

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