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I try and learn some new type of art form every year during Baby Lux Design's off season. Last year I learned how to weld metal, This year I'm learning how to free motion quilt on my Mom's Gamill, Statler Stitcher long arm quilting machine. I'm pretty lucky to have access to not only a professional machine like this but the talent and knowledge of my Mom who has competed in quite a few quilt shows the past couple years.  Big RED is her name...she's super pretty and mighty capable! the first five minutes on the machine and I'm already...

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Weeks ago I was explaining to a customer of mine at the farmers market that I try hard to be a zero waste sewing studio. In fact, it's actually how a lot of my product ideas have been born. I think it's actually kinda cool. While sewing baby bibs in large amounts years ago...I held onto the fabric remnant piece that I end up with every time I cut the bib necklines, like in the photo below (next to the scissors) At first I saw a hot air balloon appliqué...but I usually keep consistent appliqué fabrics set for each design I create so...

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The saying really is true..."One man's trash is another man's treasure." While doing house fix stuff on my Mom's place Thursday night I overheard a woman next door telling another neighbor across the way that she had been tasked by family with emptying the home in preparation for sale. Supposedly the lady that lived there had recently passed away. Her family had already come to take what they wanted and left the rest to be donated and or thrown away. I left really late Thursday night and could see there was a bunch of furniture stacked high on the driveway....

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It's coming along quite nicely. at least I think so... I'm getting comfortable, moving things around and organizing my "stuff" dude- we crafters are darn near hoarders or maybe it's just me?! I always see those all white studio spaces you know with everything perfectly tucked away in matching bins...And think, Wow how nice would that be!? to have one of "those" spaces.... then reality sets in that I'm a Mama of a 3 year old boy and yeah... all white, matching and tidy... they don't live here. my sewing table...a hammy down desk from the hub...tucked under my 8...

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