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Drum roll please...introducing;  Shipmate Brock Lee get it? Broccoli. One sock monkey ready for some serious lovin'... Brock Lee had various wardrobe possibilities before this debut, but this one just stuck...he's all ready for his trip to California. I think I'm gonna miss him hanging around in my studio. I ended up using different size pieces of wool/felt embroidering his eyes, then I hand stitched them on...thought this was the safest route considering his new owner might be pretty young. If you haven't heard about Craft Hope yet, click here. I'm am grateful I can be a part of this...

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My first sock monkey! I found out about an organization called Craft Hope, through reading one of  Michelle's blogs. I clicked on a link she had posted and I welled up with tears reading through the past projects. The pictures gave me the goose bumps.  And when I read Craft Hopes motto;"Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time."  I thought, I have to be a part of this. If you haven't heard of it....I encourage you to read all about it here. And if you can sew at all......... join. spread the word... make a difference. This sock...

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