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Another ornament art exchange has come and gone. This year the lovely Janne of Spindelmaker hosted it. I was skeptical I'd be able to pull it off, Arlin was sick, then I was sick...making 10-13 handmade pieces is tough stuff. But it seemed I wasn't the only one facing the holiday season stress as quite a few of the girls opted out of the exchange leaving only 4 of us. That was doable... My creation: First I sculpted my shape in aluminum foil then covered it with DAS paper clay. Once dry I came back with acrylic paints. My handy dremmel...

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A journal doodle from last night....I'm loving this new hot pink paint I picked up at Dick Blick....and my new Copic Multiliner pens are ah-mazing! Michelle of Year of Living Craftily tagged me in a game of blog tag. I am more than happy to play along as it's a fun way to get to know more about my blog buddies... So here goes! The Rules You must post the rules Answer the 11 questions the tagger posted for you Create 11 new questions to ask the bloggers you tag Let them know you’ve tagged them Michelle questions to me: 1....

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I've been lucky enough to get these handmade creations in the mail over the holidays from some old and new ART friends and I just have to share! Janne Robberstad: for inspiration you can always count on Janne's art blog here --she blogs about something, whether it be jewelry assemblage, costume making, painting, or journaling (just to name a few) and she blogs almost everyday! from Norway. a three dimensional house crafted out of book pages and colorfully hand painted Deidra Doan: a talented artist in several art magazines for creating lovely art dolls. I adore her oil paintings...Deidra's blog here a sweet hand...

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I can't even tell you how rejuvenated my soul is after attending these retreats. Art and Soul was a first for me but I'm sure with Portland being so close by I'll be back for more. I wasn't as great with the photo documentation thingy but I was sure good at arting late night and enjoying time with my art buddy Janne! Reno's workshop was fantastic. Surprisingly his technique didn't feel that off the wall to me. Sure it was different than any style I'd ever done on my own before. But I found it really exciting to have someone...

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Headed to Portland in the morning for Art and Soul! Excited to see my buddy Janne who's traveled from Norway to teach at the event. Planning on dinner and sight seeing in P'town tomorrow night then of course some late night journaling with Janne. And Friday I'll be attending the infamous Jesse Reno's "Freedom to Create" all day workshop. Wish me luck. I hear you need it, Reno's known for breaking away from the norm with his unique technique and even uniquer style! Here's a Brave Art interview with Reno in his Portland Studio....   [youtube 9bae11yYx9Q] I'll make sure my camera...

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