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I took advantage of the hub being gone on business this past week. I ate lots of easy veggie only meals and didn't feel one bit of guilt for depriving someone of their "beef"...seriously do any of you women out there share my pain? I don't know why I even bother to ask the hub what he wants to eat for dinner anymore...answer's always..."Beef, please!" Basically you could say I burnt the candle at both ends everyday trying to keep up with Jacker's all day then burying myself in the studio organizing my stuff /painting and crafting till I was...

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I promised some pictures...of the awe inspiring studio workspace of Ms. Jane, a dear friend of my Mom's. mounted along one wall, just a few ;) quilt tops in the making... a top the beautiful quilt display are a handful from Jane's vintage sewing machine collection; Singer featherweight sewing machines, and other junior machines from around the world...the red one on the right, a "Rap & Co.", is a German machine. I was totally intrigued by this piece...had to ask what it was all about. Jane explained it to be a "third arm", a necessity to the daily quilter or seamstress....

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A must=organizing my creative abode. Ahh... I'm really starting to feel alive and very grounded in my little sun-lit studio space. The darker paint color I finally finished (well almost finished) has had a calming effect, exactly what I was hoping for. And while I'm sharing all this, I owe thanks to Michelle for inspiring me to get off my butt and do this... It's so refreshing to not hunt all over for that something when you're trying to create. Especially when you're a night-owl designer like me! (cause Arlin Jack gets all of my daylight time) Above, a snapshot...

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newest addition to my studio. 8ft industrial workbench. I lo0000ve it. And I already have every inch of it occupied with something crafty. Been busy. Very busy. My walking cast (stinky boot) is gone-woo hoo! And to think I didn't even smash it into a thousand pieces like I thought I would. I'm starting to weight lift again and take some Pilates classes too while I await my custom orthotics arrival...then I'm clear to RUN again! YES!!!

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