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It's like my buddies knew I needed a little pick me up! I've been swamped in house fix stuff. With both our house and my Mom's house (that's a rental) water issues are not fun. And we just got the news last week after a plumber visit to clear a back up that our sewer line under the house has collapsed...Gotta love old houses. It's just the nature of the game. The pipes in the 50's were made out of concrete which over time just erode. It's going to be a costly hiccup. Deep breath...  a lovely postcard frame-able size art...

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Thought I'd share what our Welcome to Artfest 2011 check-in gift was... I'll now be grocery shopping in style while sipping tea out of my new Artfest Forever cup...love it. Whew, there are SO many pictures of Artfest I want to share with all of you, I'm about half way through uploading and tagging them all on Flickr...I managed to snap over 200 something pics! I'll start with my first workshop and throw in a few random photos at the end! Thursday workshop: Roxanne Padgett's; "Lush Layered Canvas" Roxanne is a fabulous teacher and I'd take her workshop again any...

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