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Still feeling silly? Yes, but also a little under the weather too. Ugh, the challenges of having a kiddie get sick, then they get you sick. Boo hoo. don't ask. An Ostrich pair of scissors dancing with Cheech (or is it Chong?) the mop. The instructions read; Draw these four things; your made bed, a mop or a broom, a pair of scissors and a washer machine. Pick an edge of an item and start drawing, looking at your reference more than your paper. What can I say, I didn't feel like making my bed so I only drew the...

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I've been in the groove...when I draw, music is a must, and of course a little you tube music video surfing in between, hence my last two blog posts. Meet "shipmate squeen"...a catch up assignment from my online silly class. the exercise was to create a new hat using a handful of elements Carla Sonheim gave us (ie.) a boat, squid thingy's, and some different shapes...I like her in just pencil...I painted her with some watercolor crayons and sketched over her in pen this weekend, she still looks good but I think it changes the whole pirate feel of her...bought...

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