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Has a secret... I'll reveal tomorrow... And this little handmade birdie below is on the way to Arizona for my Mom... A little late for Mother's Day but I'm notoriously not on time, what's new? It's drawn in pen and painted with watercolor on a torn out page of an old book I picked up at a local Seattle thrift store...a diary of a world war II bomber. **Mom, you'll have to frame it in something that matches your new decor :)

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recent pages out of my journal...houses...on my mind, and birds for some reason? So, while house shopping with our relator, Kathy, this last weekend, we get a call from our relator John back in Denver... "hey guys, I just gotta call from an agent who had a scheduled showing this morning, looks like they discovered your cellar is flooded." Oh, sweet baby jesus...really???  $750.00 later (no charge for the headache, geez thanks) & the help of our neighbor Ken and certified plumber Art, we got the problem analyzed (on a Sunday) and a new water heater installed on Monday. The...

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days are stacking... I mean really stacking...I'm trying my best to stay positive about our house in Denver selling...sooner than later would be nice. Today, here in Seattle it was 64 degrees outside, sunny...and absolutely beautiful down by the water...I wanted a pair of shorts and some flip-flops, it was then it dawned on me, I have no clothes for the upcoming summer time, yep, everything is in storage pod floating somewhere between here and Denver. Chad and I took a chance on this move because we knew in our heart it was the right thing to do, and yes,...

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Still feeling silly? Yes, but also a little under the weather too. Ugh, the challenges of having a kiddie get sick, then they get you sick. Boo hoo. don't ask. An Ostrich pair of scissors dancing with Cheech (or is it Chong?) the mop. The instructions read; Draw these four things; your made bed, a mop or a broom, a pair of scissors and a washer machine. Pick an edge of an item and start drawing, looking at your reference more than your paper. What can I say, I didn't feel like making my bed so I only drew the...

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First the goody giveaway...because who wouldn't want one of these fabulously colorful piggy banks! Visit the talented Michelle Allen's blog here and enter yourself to win one (I did!) Now...for some silly. Today I took Arlin Jack with me to work on my silliness class. We went for a scavenger hunt around our neighborhood to find some hidden "creatures" in various objects... after I snapped a handful of photos and completely tuckered out my little guy...(yes, I had to carry his trike 3 blocks home-fun stuff) After dinner (chicken fajita salad-yum) I finished up a sketch from one of the...

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