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Teaching Sewing at Hyla...

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I can't believe how fast last weeks 5 day Stuffie Sewing Camp at Hyla flew by!! We had a blast and I'd do it all over again in a heart beat it was so much fun to giggle, create and be inspired by the kiddos.

Here's a peek at their creations. I had to wait till the end of the week because they all wanted to do a big reveal to their parents :)

Each student got a packet of patterns I drew up for inspiration that they could cut out...

Darby and her first owl she based the body design by following one of my patterns and then took flight with her own ideas adding pocket wings, star-button eyes and a fluffy tail too!

"Freddy" the Owl

Leah working her final details on self made pattern stuffie...

Leah's good!

I was so impressed with the details!

this guy!! totally reminds me of a cartoon from long ago that I can't put my finger on... love the simplicity- he has so much character!

Norah working steady on her second stuffie..a Turtle/Worm with overalls :)

lots of giggles in the mix as creations took form and earned nick-names and life stories!

The girls insisted I make a stuffie along with them..they really wanted a Merman! So "Fernando the Merman" was born...and although they thought he needed a unicorn horn, I opted for a top hat. They thought he was pretty hysterical. He kinda was!

I also made Arlin a stuffie monster on the last day of class.

but of course the stuffies had to get their photos taken!

Me...tossing stuffies back up that kept falling overboard during photo shoot set up!


Stuffie mayhem!

I was amazed at the talent these girls brought to the workshop. All three had their own sewing machines and were ready to dive right in on the first day! They each were able to make a creation each day they were with me! Leaving for home hands full and happy!

On the last day of class while they were adding the last details to their projects I asked them to each pick out their favorite fabric combos and I sewed them up custom  headbands and then made these too:

My token of appreciation for being such awesome students...I miss them already!


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