Urban Bib & Burp Cloth Set

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Modern and fresh, this set is super handy to have when feeding littles on the go, the reversible bib offers the ability to dine in style more than once before washing.

Bonus: both bib and burp cloth have an added layer of quilters batting on the inside to help provide extra absorption power-Messy eaters, we gotchu!

The bib has a Baby Lux Design tag sewn flush with velcro at the neckline for a stress free easy on-off application. Bib is sewn in two designer cotton print fabrics and the coordinating burp cloth is backed with a super soft solid cotton flannel.

Care instructions: set is fully machine washable and dryer friendly too-yay!

Colors: orange, midnight blue, natural linen, sterling blue, mustard yellow, gray, teal, and black