Miss Foxy

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Meet Miss Foxy companion and stuffy friend to Mr. Fox...this sweet gal is also a one of a kind critter. Handcrafted in shades of pale pinks and lime green she's irresistibly adorable. All of her face detail is free motion machine stitched giving her just enough pouty and sass all at the same time! Miss Foxy is approximately 19" inches tall from the top of her head (not including her floppy ears) to the tips of her toes. With button attached arms she's fun to position any way you like, perhaps it's tea time with your other other stuffed pals? Or maybe it's nap time? Remember to lift Foxy's arms and tuck her in just the way she likes it!

Materials: micro poly fleece, polyfil, unbleached muslin, designer cotton prints, cotton embroidery floss, and buttons

Colors: natural linen, pale pink, lime green, white, sage green, pink and black