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**Please note this is not a product listing, none of these tshirts/skirts are currently for sale, this is a place holder to show past works to give you an idea of what may be possible for a custom order, enjoy!**

Browse through a collection of Baby Lux Design's toddler t-shirts and skirts, where you'll see a mix of one of a kind custom orders and retired appliqué designs.

Baby Lux Design can work with you over email if you're off island, to recreate specific imagery, family pets, names, etc. the possibilities are endless. I always say if I can draw it I can sew it. Better yet, if your kids can draw it...I can sew it. I love taking kid drawings and turning them into fun fabric appliqués so they can wear their own art! See photos for details.

Prices for custom toddler t-shirts/skirts are based on a sliding scale typically $28-$38 range depending on the complexity of the agreed design and fabrics sourced to complete the job.

Baby Lux Design stocks t-shirts for Girls: in sizes 2T, 3T,4T, 5 And Boys: in sizes 2T-4T

Skirts sewn: 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6/7

You may also supply me the fabrics and or t-shirts to work on, keep in mind I do need to approve the shirt is a high enough quality to sew on- so please, lets talk before you purchase a blank for me to sew with.

To start your custom t-shirt click the contact me tab and lets drum up some magic! 

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