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Meet Gitta, (Greta's little sister) Gitta is a bit of a spunk. She's spontaneous, witty and warm. She's creative and loves all things whacky and weird. Gitta is always for up for an adventure and loves to have fun! Gitta isn't afraid to mix and match colors when it comes to her wardrobe. She also has a pocket sewn on the front of her dress just in case she finds tiny treasures along her travels with her new best friend!

Be assured Gitta is extra special as she is a one of a kind handmade dolly! Each creation is guaranteed to be unique as I do not repeat the same fabric combos or placement of patchwork fabric piecing on each stuffy I make.

Colors: Oranges, navy, yellow, blue, khaki, white, ivory, black, pale blue, teal and turquoise

Fabrics; Cottons, cotton flannel, micro anti-pill poly fleece, and felts

Measurements: 17" from the tip of her bunny ears to the tips of her toes and about 6.5" from side seam to side seam across her tummy.

Please Note: Gitta is button free and a safe playmate for any age (or teething) little.