Hedgehog Baby Onesie

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Meet Edgy Hedgy…this is hands down our top selling baby girl design. From a pencil sketch to a creatively transformed fabric applique this onesie will surely win over the party. It's all about the details..from the fun free motion stitches to little fabric pieces that flutter when they move! Lots of colors are packed into this whimsy design making accessory pairing-easy peasy!

Please note:  Each onesie I create the fabric flutters are hand-cut in a variety of different designer cotton prints, making each onesie made truly unique.

*Please note: for our largest size, this pink colored onesie comes in a 12-24 month size (instead of 12-18 months) The smaller sizes run similar to all our other designs.

Colors: let's just say all the colors! Most commonly used colors: pinks, cream, chocolate brown, turquoise, green, purple, black, grey, mustard yellow, oranges and blues