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Baby Lux Design

Skull Cowl


hip. unique...and "one of a kind". custom cowl neck sewn in an upcycled wool blend, interior is lined with a heat imprinted charcoal gray colored thermal cotton with: skulls, roman numerals, and clocks.

cowl has a large button with a knit loop for easy on/off application. Simply slip the button through the loop, criss-cross applesauce (or not) your loop until your cowl is securely fastened.

approx. measurements- 9.5 inches wide by 27 inches long.

this cowl- neck warmer is can be very creative with how you wear it, fold it over, wear it tall under coat neck line...the possibilities are creative, have fun.

what does one of kind mean? means I'll never repeat this same cowl neck design twice; not the stitch detail, the fabric combo, the same button etc's all yours to be unique! 

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