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Baby Lux Design

Tooth Fairy Monster Pillows


Loose a tooth? Nicely done! Now all you have to do is stuff it in the securely stitched pocket of your new monster pal. You will now have a "tooth fairy liaison," and can be rest assured that while you're fast asleep, he/she will get top dollar for that lost tooth of yours...yep.

Tooth Fairy monster pillows all have mini pockets of sorts on their backsides small enough for that tooth but BIG enough for all the loot! Rolled dollar bills and or coins will fit. Monsters are approximately 5 x 5 inches and slightly resemble the shape of a tooth. They also all come with a little loop for hanging loose just about anywhere you want to clip em' or hang em' when they're not on the job!

Materials: micro poly fleece, cotton chenille, various designer print cottons, cotton embroidery floss, tule, and buttons!

Colors: too many to list, in monster land...anything goes, the more the merrier!

Please note: money not included.

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